Top Three Things To Look For When Hiring A Tax Preparer And Bookkeeper

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While your personal taxes can be fairly simple to someone who has some basic knowledge and experience, business taxes are on a whole other level. Even the most straightforward ones are going to be significantly more complicated than personal taxes. A tax preparer and bookkeeper has plenty of experience efficiently navigating the complex world of taxes, which is why you should consider hiring a professional to manage your business taxes and bookkeeping. 

In order to help you find a professional most suiter for your company, here’s a list of the top five things to look for in a tax preparer and bookkeeper. 

1. Credentials
Anyone with a preparer tax identification number can handle and file your taxes, but it is best you find someone who can handle income taxes, audits, and bookkeeping. Only a certified public accountant or an enrolled agent can properly represent you and your company in front of the IRS. It is also extremely beneficial to find a tax preparer who is also a licensed notary public, as that is one way you can substantiate your seasonal income during the offseason.

2. Experience 
Ideally, you want a professional who has prior experience with clients who are similar to you. This way you are more likely to get the best service for your unique needs. With stricter rules on business deductions, you don’t want to get into any bad books with the IRS. A tax professional with experience can help determine what deductions you can and cannot use. 

3. Organized bookkeeping
Maintaining business records is a big job. There is so much information to gather, forms to fill, deadlines to meet, etc., it is a lot. Hiring a professional who is organized and maintains bookkeeping records on a regular basis will help you feel confident when it’s time to file your taxes. A good tax preparer and bookkeeper will have a foolproof organizational system, keep it and you up to date, and make themselves available to answer any questions you have about the system. 

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